hey.. do u have any places

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hey.. do u have any places hv food like Asian Kitchen? because the food over there is cheap n nice.


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Do you know that there are restaurants and bars at Singapore Expo?

Maybe some of you do. But many don’t as Expo is still very much undiscovered as an eating haunt.

Flavours East is has 16 restaurants and bar at Singapore Expo. If you happen to be attending any events at Singapore Expo, you can take this opportunity to dine at any of the outlets. There are North Indian, Thai, traditional Chinese and Western cuisines which are priced affordably.

Outlets include
(1) The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
(2) Bliss Garden – (FYI. Chinese restaurant)
(3) Munchy café
(4) Rocky Master
(5) Baba King – (Nonya Deli)
(6) Jazz Pub
(7) Malan Noodle
(8) Daawat Tandoori – (FYI. Indian Cuisines)
(9) Macau Express
(10) Burger King
(11) Orange Julius
(12) Select Food Court
(13) Lerk Thai
(14) Subway
(15) Munchy Donut
(16) 7 Eleven

For folks living near the East, why not dine at Flavours East? Students too! You can revise for your coming exams over a cup of freshly-brewed coffee or some light snacks at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Putting food aside, one extra piece of news for U.
For those working in Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo provides complimentary lunchtime shuttle service from Changi business Park to Flavours East at Singapore Expo from Mon-Friday, except public holidays. FREE transportation!! :) For more information, refer to their website at

Also, don’t miss out on the free food vouchers which you can download from http://www.singaporeexpo.com.sg/index.php?option=com_events&channels=27&Itemid=39

At the top right hand corner you will be able to see a star logo printed “Print & redeem this month’s dining voucher”. Simply click onto it and there you go!

YES you R right. Food promotions!
With these coupons, we are able to enjoy a more value meals at Flavours East.
Looking at this month’s special (August), I personally favor the “Buy 1 Medium Onion Rings & Get another FREE” promotion at Burger King :)
It’s ONLY at Singapore Expo, Flavours East.(Other outlets elsewhere not applicable for this offer)!

So guys do not hesitate any more to have your meal at Flavours East, Singapore Expo =)

Good day to all.

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