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any recommendation of teochew porridge in north-east? preferrably with easy parking & seating for babies.
Manna thks!

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Well, the stretch along Upper Serangoon near the midnight curry (house no. around 1000+/-) has some porridge shops. But parking can be a problem there. See the category under Porridge.

If you consider Ang Mo Kio to be under northeast, then you may like to know the Simon Road teochew porridge shop (I think Teo Seng or something like that) has moved to AMK block 529. I think they're above average but no big deal. Some people swear by them though. Lotsa parking and I think should have baby seat or can stack the coffeeshop chairs :).

Another place is the porridge stall at AMK hawker centre block 341, back-to-back with this bak kut teh stall. This one's a winner... so crowded at night, I don't even want to add it to my list officially :). They serve fish(pomfret etc.) and braised duck meat at fair prices. Seating is typical hawker centre style, so I guess you'll have to bring your pram to put your baby.

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There is a new open stall in clementi ave 2 blk 328 coffeeshop stall name 1983 chicken they are selling chicken rice ,chicken porridge, thai style deep fried tofu,thai style chicken ton fen and chicken feet. Their chicken porridge is super nice and their thai style dish are super special and tasty for those who really like to eat chicken rice ,porridge, and thai food u guy should drop by and try it out.I asure u will say their porridge and thai food are very nice.

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